15 January 2019 

Ellis Martin, who is currently studying BSc Psychology and Criminology, a course which is offered by the University Centre at Salford City College in partnership with the University of Salford, has successfully secured employment with Elysium Healthcare, a private provider of mental health services. Ellis, an ambitious young student who completed the first year of her degree course with the University Centre before progressing on to study at the University of Salford, will be working as a healthcare assistant at Braeburn House, a mental health care hospital and rehabilitation centre located in Salford. She said: “I am so excited about being given this opportunity, slightly nervous as it is not like anything I have done before but I can't wait to see how the hospital works and help patients in their journey to recovery.” As part of her role, Ellis will be involved in assisting the ward managers, qualified mental health nurses and psychologists with the care and recovery of patients. Braeburn House, where she will be working, provides a rehabilitation and recovery service for males suffering from a diagnosed mental illness but that have already begun the recovery process. At Braeburn, these patients are given further support and intensive interventions to help with their rehabilitation. Karen Lowe, Psychology and Criminology Teacher at the University Centre, said: “It’s a great testament to Ellis to secure such prestigious employment, especially while she is still a student. It shows exactly what other students are able to achieve and what they can aim for."
“Ellis used her year at the University Centre to make informed choices about her career aspirations and became progressively more determined to achieve them – she is truly an inspiration to her peers.” - Karen Lowe, Psychology and Criminology Teacher at the University Centre
Ellis continued: “I believe that this new role will give me the insight and experience within a hospital setting that future employers will look for.   I have a huge interest in both psychology and criminology, so my future career goal is to become a psychologist in a forensic mental health setting. I have already completed a work placement in a forensic mental health hospital over the summer and am hoping to secure a job there after I complete my final year of the BSc. I then hope to complete a Doctorate with the NHS to become fully qualified as a psychologist.” The undergraduate is well on her way to success when it comes to her ambition careers plans, but when asked how she managed to secure her new role with Elysium Healthcare, she said:  “The Psychology and Criminology BSc course helped me to secure this particular opportunity as it has given me knowledge of mental illnesses, treatments and rehabilitation which other candidates may have lacked. “I also believe it was my time studying at the University Centre that initially boosted my confidence. It is that confidence that not only helped me secure this job but also encouraged me to say yes to so many other opportunities and experiences. “I would have usually never put myself forward for anything, or challenge myself to come out of my comfort zone, but now I am jumping at every opportunity I am given– it’s a new skill I am very grateful to have acquired.” If like Ellis, you are interested in a career in the mental health field, psychology, criminology or forensics, then why not contact the University Centre at Salford City College? Get in touch by contacting he.admissions@salfordcc.ac.uk or calling 0161 631 5000.