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Jackie Flynn

The Salford City College Group Corporation is made up of fourteen governors committed to working with College management for the benefit of our students. It is the Corporation’s policy to be as informative as possible about the work of the Corporation and I hope you will find the information provided both interesting and relevant.

If not, please do not hesitate to contact Denise Hark, Head of Governance Services, who will be pleased to assist you.

The Corporation encourages the recruitment of governors from all sections of the community, and applications are welcomed from people of all cultural backgrounds with a range of relevant skills and experience.

Corporation governors are volunteers, who play an important part in setting the strategic direction of the college.  The Corporation ensures accountability for the use of public funds through monitoring and evaluating the College’s performance.

For further information about becoming a member of the Corporation please contact Denise Hark, Head of Governance Services on denise.hark@salfordcc.ac.uk or 0161 631 5215.

Thank you for your interest.

Becoming a Governor

Becoming a governor is a rewarding and impactful role that allows individuals to contribute to the development and success of the College. Governors play a crucial role in shaping the educational experience of students.

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Governance Documents

Governance documents are important tools that outline the structure, role, policies and responsibilities of the organisations governance. These documents have been established to guide the functioning and decision-making processes of the college governing body.

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Our staff members bring a wealth of expertise across various fields, ensuring an exceptional learning experience for all students. From passionate educators to skilled support staff, we are here to create a dynamic and inclusive educational environment.

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Consultation Arrangements

Consultation arrangements refer to our processes put in place to seek to input, feedback and collaboration from relevant stakeholders before making important decisions or implementing changes to the organisation.

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Corporation and Committee Meeting Minutes

Salford City College Group Corporation and committee meeting minutes are a written document providing a comprehensive records of the colleges discussions, decisions and actions taken during meetings. These minutes serve as a legal record and play a crucial role in documenting our activities.

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Corporation Documents

Salford City College Group retains official papers and records that have been established to maintain corporation.

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