Results Day 2022

Accessing Your Results

Students will be able to access their results at home from 8:30am on Thursday 18th August 2022.

Alternatively, students are able to access their results at the College:

  • Pendleton Sixth Form College (8:00am – 12:00pm)
  • Eccles Sixth Form College (10:00am – 2:00pm)
  • FutureSkills at MediaCityUK (10:00am – 2:00pm)

Exam Certificates

The majority of the exam certificates will not be received by the College until late November. Once we have received these certificates, we will publish arrangements for students to collect them on the College website. 

The College is obliged to retain examination certificates for twelve months. After this period, any uncollected certificates may be destroyed.

Post Results Services

Post results services are available following the release of results. Please be aware that there is a cost associated with any post results services (these are different for each awarding body but can be confirmed by the exams department).

For more information about Post-Result Services, please visit the JCQ Website

The College must receive any Priority Service 2 Requests by no later than 12:00pm on the 24th August 2022 to enable us to meet the awarding body deadlines. All Script Requests must be received by 12:00pm on the 7th September 2022 and all Non-Priority Review of Marking by 12:00pm on the 28th September 2022.

Students should discuss Post Results Services with their teachers before contacting the Exams Team on


Clearing is the process that universities and colleges use to fill any places that they still have available on their courses and can be a good way for you to find an alternative course or institution. From the 5th July to 19th October, you can apply for a course using Clearing if you’re not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places available. You can use Clearing if:

  • You are applying after the 30th June.
  • You did not receive any offers (or you do not wish to accept any of your offers).
  • You did not meet the conditions of your offers.
  • You declined your ‘firm’ place using the ‘decline my place’ button in Track.

More information about Clearing and ‘Adjustment’ can be found on the UCAS website at Looking for a course in Clearing? Learn how Clearing works & find a new place (

Careers Advice & Support

If you require any support with your university application through UCAS, the College Careers Advisor will be available throughout the day to assist you.

Additionally, you can contact your teachers via email. You may find it useful to talk with the College Careers Advisor and your course teachers before calling the Clearing hotlines.

University Centre at Salford City College

Our University Centre offers a wide range of courses that are an excellent option for those who may want to continue studying in an environment that they are comfortable with, or those wishing to stay closer to home while studying. More information about the courses on offer at the University Centre is available on our website If you have any questions or would like to apply to the University Centre through Clearing, please contact our team on 0161 631 5075.

Apprenticeships at Salford City College

We offer a wide range of quality apprenticeships within various sectors which offer a variety of job roles. The team hold Talent Pool sessions throughout the summer which are designed to support you into an apprenticeship vacancy. They help you develop your interview skills and CV. The team have a range of vacancies. For more information, please call our apprenticeships team on 0161 631 5555.

Keep in Touch

We would very much like you to stay in touch with us as we are interested in your progression and future achievements, you can do this by contacting our joining our alumni community on LinkedIn.

We hope that you enjoyed your time at the College and would like to thank you for the positive contributions that you have made and wish you the very best for the future.