Thank you for working with us at SCC Group.

For all media enquiries, please contact a PR Officer (or member of the Marketing Department) on:

Telephone: 0161 631 5040

As a College, we are committed to providing news stories, case studies, statements and press releases for both local and national media, general public and publications for the education sector.

All our news stories are published on our website, click here to take a look.


If you are a journalist and would like to receive press releases from the College directly, please email a PR Officer to be added to our mailing list.

Please provide details of the newspaper or publication(s) you write for and your contact details, including an email address and telephone number.


If you would like an official statement from the College or a member of staff, please contact a PR Officer who will contact the appropriate person on your behalf.


We have a number of experts in various subjects available for interview.

If you would like to speak to or interview a member of our teaching staff for a story, please contact a PR Officer who will put you in touch.

If you would like to speak to any students for interview purposes or would like us to provide any case studies, do so via a PR Officer.


To obtain logos, images or photographs for use in the media, please contact the Marketing Department directly and we will supply our own stock image or instruct our professional photographer to take a bespoke shot to meet your requirements.