SCC Group strives to achieve the highest standards of customer service for all stakeholders. SCC Group is committed to having a formal Compliments, Comments and Complaints Procedure that allows customers and stakeholders to provide feedback about our services. This will ensure that we deliver quality services for our customers and are responsive to their needs.

All compliments, comments and complaints will be treated seriously but should be dealt with informally in the first instance and addressed at the point of delivery.

Students: In the first instance, students should discuss their informal complaint with their teacher(s) or relevant member of staff. Many problems can be resolved with this direct interaction. If an immediate resolution is not possible, or the student is not satisfied with the outcome, they should inform a member of the Pastoral Team who will aim to identify an informal solution to the problem. Staff should aim to resolve informal complaints in a timely manner.

External Customers: Informal feedback should initially be directed to a staff member within the area where the complaint is based. Complaints can often be resolved with this direct interaction.

If you wish to contact us in order to discuss a suggestion, compliment or comment, please complete the form below.