04 November

  Last week Graphic Design A-level and vocational students had the opportunity to visit the Tate Liverpool and view the work of renowned designer, Keith Haring.   Keith Haring is a prominent figure within the art world as his work raised awareness in the 1980’s of themes surrounding HIV/Aids.   Haring’s work gave the students insight into designs centred around civil rights and capitalism. Graphic Design Teacher, Peter Quirke, said: “The benefit of trips such as this allows students to cultivate their knowledge and understanding of real-world context. As graphic designers this becomes an essential element to our course.” Keith Haring was an American Artist whose graffiti-like and pop art work grew out of the New York City street culture in the 80s. Having worked with artists such as Andy Warhol, he channelled the underground club culture. The exhibition taking place in the Tate Liverpool hosted over 85 pieces of Haring’s work. Students were able to take photos and videos to use as reference in their own work.
Graphic Design student Nicole said: "The gallery was interesting as the themes of Keith Haring's work such as veganism and mental health are now more relevant than ever. His use of colour and pattern repetition has inspired me to use him as an example within my work."
  Students will now replicate Haring’s print making techniques within their upcoming work.   If you would like to find out more about studying graphic design, come to the Pendleton Sixth Form College open event on Thursday 5th December. Click here to find out more.