09th March 2020

FutureSkills at MediaCityUK Computer Science student, Ben Hardman, becomes the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Young Citizen of the Year 2020.

Ben was the first of his cohort to acquire an elite placement with one of the regions digital major partners, Talk Talk. He excelled in all subjects and achieved distinctive grades in each one of his 18 subjects, with his achievement acknowledged by Pearson Edexcel themselves. Last year Ben also received the BTEC Student of the Year Silver award.

To advance his digital skills whilst studying, he gained a part time job with a large telecommunications company working with mobile technology. Whilst working with the company, a recently-widowed lady approached Ben to see if he could retrieve images of her late husband as her phone had become non-responsive. After a week’s endeavor, Ben managed to achieve what seemed highly unlikely and actually retrieved those images. The comments from the lady echoed wonder, relief, gratitude and so many more emotional responses that gave Ben his greatest moment whilst helping others. This he says will never leave him and drive him on to help others more.

Ben is part of the Virtual Volunteers who, whilst working with the YMCA and the college, he has developed an impressive range of digital guide materials for people constrained at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. Materials developed include Mental Health support, using technology communication methods to keep in touch and digital tools to keep busy and tools helping to maintain a positive focus. His materials have now been distributed nationally, and wider, by the YMCA.

Head of IT, Computing and Games Design at FutureSkills at MediaCityUk, Lee Chadwick, said: “All of Ben’s community work and additional collaboration was completely voluntary and evidences that he has a wonderful outlook that not only places the importance of wellbeing and progress of his peers and community to be strong – he wants to be a part in making that happen. We are incredibly proud of his achievements.”

To acknowledge all of Ben’s community contribution, he has been awarded the highly-acclaimed, High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Young Citizen of the Year 2020 – A superb accolade for a wonderful contribution to Salford.

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