18th October 2019

On the 16th October students from FutureSkills came together to support Restart a Heart Day. The Restart a Heart campaign (RSAH) is a yearly initiative led by the Resuscitation Council in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance and the Yorkshire Ambulance service. Heads of Department all nominated a student from each group to attend the training event. With the aims of increasing public awareness of cardiac arrests and increasing the number of people trained in life saving CPR. One of the students taking part in the event was Zohaib Alam, they explained: “The CPR life saver event was really useful and taught me how performing CPR can really help to increase the chance of someone surviving. “The staff delivering the session were approachable and really friendly. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience.”   CPR refers to the first aid procedure that can be used to keep someone alive until the emergency medical services can get to the scene. Students at the event learnt the most important skills such as chest compressions from trained professionals. One of the members of staff helping out on the day was Pastoral Leader, Charlotte Norrey. Commenting on the event, she said: “The students were amazing! Everyone got involved and really enjoyed the session. The event allowed students to take away essential life skills which they could use in a situation where CPR  or the recovery position was needed.
“Since the session, students have asked for further training opportunities in CPR and similar enrichment experiences. Overall, it was really great session!”
For more information on the Resuscitation Council and CPR training, click here.