You will study the GCSE syllabus, including literacy skills such as spelling, punctuation and grammar, reading comprehension and creative writing


Any course which requires level 2 or GCSE English for entry. This includes all Access to HE courses.


Two examinations in June.

Entry Requirements

Completion of an assessment. The course is deisgned for those almost at the level of a grade 4 in order that they can achieve it in one academic year. For those who are not quite ready, or have been out of education for a long time, it may be more approraite to study an alternative course first. These courses, functional skills at levels up to level 2 offer a chance to firm up skills in preparation for the demands of the GCSE course.


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NameAvailable AtStart DateAcademic YrApply
GCSE English (Evening) - AdultCity Skills09/09/202424/25
GCSE English (Evening) - AdultCity Skills11/09/202323/24
GCSE English (Evening) - AdultFutureSkills at MediaCityUK10/09/202424/25
GCSE English (Evening) - AdultFutureSkills at MediaCityUK12/09/202323/24
GCSE English AdultWorsley College09/09/202424/25
GCSE English AdultWorsley College11/09/202323/24

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