19 August 2019

Lauren Jones began her journey with City Skills, part of Salford City College, in 2014, when she embarked upon their level 1 civil engineering course. The youngster worked her way up from there and upon completion of her level 1 and 2 in civil engineering, decided to stay on at City Skills and go on to do her level 3 in Professional Construction.

She said: “I started my first year of the level 3 Professional Construction course in 2016, after passing the first year of the course with a double distinction, I carried on with my second year.”

City Skills prides itself on its catalogue of trade courses which are designed to train students and get them ready for a hands-on career. Courses include construction, plumbing, painting and decorating, carpentry and joinery, electrical and motor vehicle studies. All of the courses have been specially designed to prepare students for employment, and the college achieves this by creating real-life working environments and by working closely with industry partners.

Lauren continued: “This course offered me days out on a construction site and allowed me to become more familiar with the real world of construction. Coming to the end of my last year in college and on this course, I knew the best route for me was to get into an apprenticeship as I enjoyed being out of the classroom and onsite.

“In 2018, with help from my tutors at City Skills, I received an interview for an apprenticeship with Casey and I jumped at the opportunity!”

Tutors at the college work hard to prepare students for working life and to create employment opportunities for them. Apprenticeships are the perfect pathway from full-time student into a career, and allow students to continue to train and learn, but also to gain industry experience and earn a wage.

Lauren’s Journey: Level 1 Civil Engineering –> Level 2 Civil Engineering –> Level 3 Professional Construction — > Apprenticeship with Casey through City Skills and Apprenticeship at Salford City College — > HNC in Construction and the Built Environment

Lauren said: “Within a few weeks of working at Casey as a full-time apprentice, I decided to return back to the college to carry on studying. I am now working part-time on my Higher National Certificate and NVQ in Construction and The Built Environment.”

City Skills, in partnership with the University Centre at Salford City College and Apprenticeships at Salford City College, offer many opportunities for further study. Whether that is as a higher apprentice or on the Professional Construction course.

Lauren commented: “If it wasn’t for City Skills and my tutors there, I would not be where I am today – working onsite, training to become a site manager. I can’t thank the college enough for everything they have helped me achieve in the last 5 years.”

If you would like to try your hand at a trade subject, whether it is painting and decorating, construction or plumbing, contact us on 0161 631 5000 or by emailing admissions@salfordcc.ac.uk. Enrolment for entry this September starts on Thursday 22 August 2019.