COURSE FEATURE: Photography at Pendleton Sixth Form College

31 August 2021

Photography is central to visual communication and every day we are exposed to a range of imagery through advertising, television, newspapers, magazines and through social media. We live in an image dominated society and photographers work in conjunction with other creative professionals in areas such as graphic design, fashion, journalism and broadcast television.

The photographer’s role is wide ranging, and they are employed to help others to tell stories, to record the world, to entice or excite an audience, to sell products, to report facts, to challenge truth and even to provide evidence of crimes. The art of photography comes down to so much more than just pressing a button; it’s a form of creativity, a technical skill, a universal language and as a result, can lead to a lucrative and dynamic career.

Abbigail Hilton-Casey graduated from Leeds Arts University with a First-Class Honours and is now starting her MA at York University

On this course, we take students on a creative journey, teaching everything from the technical aspects of shooting and applications of photography to the various genres, styles and traditions of the art form. We also work closely with students to help them develop their own personal flair. This course requires students to work in one or more areas of photography including portraiture, landscape photography, still life photography, documentary photography and photojournalism. Students will be introduced to a range of photographic media, techniques and processes including using traditional methods, such as shooting on film and printing in the dark room, and digital techniques, which involve working with digital cameras and software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Maysam Alkirkit achieved a grade A

Pendleton Sixth Form College boats an impressive pass rate of 100% on all A-level courses and as a Photography department many students achieve high grades. Maysam Alkirkit achieved a grade A in her A-Level Photography. She commented: “My experience doing A-of doing Photography at Pendleton was life-changing.

It was a complete learning journey that helped me discover new parts of Photography that I didn’t know existed. The best part was exploring and gaining new skills that have changed the way that I see things and changed me as a Photographer.”

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