Developing Talent Today For The Workforce of Tomorrow…You Have a Role To Play!

SCC Group is the largest provider of Further Education in Salford, one of the largest providers in Greater Manchester and indeed the North West. We have over 11,000 students of different ages and levels, studying across a huge range of disciplines and sectors. One of the key aspirations for all our students is focusing on their next steps in life, where or what will they do after their time at Salford City College.

A high percentage will want to go to University; and indeed, a large number of our students transition to some of the highest-performing Universities across the UK. However, a large amount of those students will finish College with a determination to move into employment, many as apprentices, others not. That makes us one of the biggest talent providers in Greater Manchester, with some of the most capable, high-performing talent in the region, ready and waiting to take their first steps in their chosen sectors with passionate, local employers.

The SCC Group Business Centre, located at Salford Quays

We work with over 500 employers, supporting them with talent through apprenticeships, commercial training, and other development programmes, ensuring employers get the best trained and most capable staff. It is vital that we continue to do this; several key sectors across the region – including digital, finance and construction, to name a few – are crying out for huge numbers of people to enter their sectors. On top of these, the services sectors, hospitality and beauty, are bouncing back enormously post Covid. However, if we are to support these sectors to the best of our ability to develop amazing talent, we need the help of these sectors to do this.

We need to ensure that our students are learning the right skills, with the right equipment in the right way, as would be expected by industry. We need to ensure our amazing teachers and tutors have the most up-to-date skills as possible. We need industry to help us deliver on specialist topics or subjects through guest lectures and sessions. We need industry partners to help us achieve this, like-minded businesses who are passionate about developing talent and will work with us strategically to achieve this.

Two new apprentices embark on their career with RMD Contracts whilst undertaking their apprenticeship with Apprenticeships at Salford City College.

Launching this summer, our Industry Partners Programme will ensure we remain at the forefront of industry and stay aligned to the demands of key sectors by working hand-in-hand with them. To support this critical initiative, we will also be opening the SCC Group Business Centre in the heart of industry, based in Salford Quays. The Business Centre will be a space where our employer partners can host meetings, events and conferences as well as work with us to develop the talent of tomorrow. We hope that by supporting businesses with this facility, they will in turn agree to real, strategic conversations about the needs of their business and sector.

To find out more, or to become an SCC Group Industry Partner call 0161 631 5555 or email