University Centre students succeed with help from technology by Black Magic Design

16th March 2021

Students enrolled on the Foundation and the BA (Hons) Media production degree courses at The University Centre at Salford City College have been using DaVinci Resolve to continue their studies uninterrupted and complete their courses remotely during the pandemic.

COVID 19 restrictions have meant schools and colleges have had to embrace new teaching methods and students to a new way of learning. The University Centre found a solution through DaVinci Resolve, which kept its media production courses on track.

Andrew Davies, Creative Media and Production lecturer at The University Centre at Salford City College, said:  “When the lockdowns began, we couldn’t continue physical lessons, and many courses ground to a halt. Students were sent home, unable to attend our facilities.”

“For the media production course, we were lucky to already be using DaVinci Resolve as part of our course material. Free to use, light on processing power and memory, it was ideal for students to use from home. We knew they no longer had access to production kit, but they did have access to a full virtual studio.”

The pandemic has meant the course has now been adapted for media production students, but it’s not prevented the students from completing their studies.

Andrew added: “DaVinci Resolve has been fantastic; it is efficient, it can be personalised and it allows multiple people to work on the same project. Students can collaborate, share work and even edit as a group, all from separate households and while abiding by lockdown restrictions.”

Sam Hayman, second year FdA media production student, “This isn’t how any of us thought we’d be studying this year, but we have perhaps experienced a taste of what the industry’s future holds as a result of the college’s willingness to embrace technology. Doing so ensured there was little disruption to our studies.”

Davies thinks the challenge has been an experience that will prepare the students for the future. “These students will go on to employment where they will be adept at working collaboratively in virtual environments. Through adapting and learning these digital skills, they will be that much better prepared.”

“The pandemic has given us an experience like no other,” concludes Jaimey Hayes, second year FdA media production student.

“However, when we begin to look for employment, we’ll be able to show employers that we can adapt to circumstance and meet unexpected challenges head on.”

Jaimey Hayes, second year FdA media production student

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