Pendleton Sixth Form College students get an out of this world experience from NASA

25 November

Pendleton Sixth Form College students were visited by two members of NASA for a week of space themed lectures. Lou Mayo and Troy Cline from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre spent the week with students educating them on all things space.


Students from across the college joined the pair and learnt many space exploration techniques, as well as engaging talks uncovering the search for Extra Terrestrial life. The pair brought a mobile space lab to the Digital Learning Zone where students were able to interact with the technology.

The mobile space lab was set up by Troy Cline, the director of NASA’s STEM Innovation Lab at Goddard Space Flight Centre. The lab is a creative space with an emphasis on space science content applications. It brings together NASA scientists, engineers and educators to explore and develop new ideas related to infusion of educational technology into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities, programs and approaches.

Troy Cline is a Senior Technology Integration Specialist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre with more than 19 years of experience in the design and development of award-winning and internationally recognised outreach programs.

Dr. Jon Griffin, the Head of Centre of Excellence for STEM at the college said: “We are incredibly excited and proud to be in partnership with NASA, and the visit has been truly inspirational to the young people of Salford.”

“Our students and the wider community have had an amazing time, both in lectures and in the mobile STEM Innovation Lab, which was set up by NASA in our library area for the duration of the visit.”

Joining Troy was Lou Mayo, an astronomer working for ADNET Systems at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre. His primary research involves infrared remote sensing of the outer planets. He was also a member of both the Voyager and Cassini infrared science instrument teams.

In his current position, Lou serves as Program Manager for the NASA Space Science Education Consortium. Lou brought his expertise and knowledge to the college and hosted a range of engaging talks to the students, covering topics such as ‘Is there life in space?’

The pair ended the week by officially opening Pendleton Sixth Form College’s Centre of Excellence for STEM. Dr. Jon Griffin added: “We look forward to continuing our very special relationship with these scientists into the future, with a return visit to their headquarters in Washington DC in the pipeline.”

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