Students show support for Global Climate Change

24th October 2019

On the 16th October, Pendleton Sixth Form Student Council showed their support for Global Climate Change Week by setting up a pledge table and a hand pledge wall.

Global Climate Change Week aims to encourage academic communities in all countries to engage with each other on climate change action and solutions. Held annually in October, GCCW provides a framework for activities aimed at raising awareness, inspiring behavioral changes and driving a positive transformation in relation to climate change policy. The week originated at the University of Wollongong, Australia, and has now been running for five years.

In the student council’s last meeting it was decided to also support UNISEF, a charity that works in over 190 countries to defend children’s rights.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the choice of charity, Learner Participation Officer Andrew Linton, said: “As children are the ones who will be directly affected by climate change, we thought that this would be a good chance to support them.”

The council members baked traditional cakes and sold them raising £36.48 on the day for UNISEF.

Fine Art Photography student and member of the council, Heather Mave Edis-Smith, said: “I took part in this event because we all have to work together as one to make the world a better place.

“I care about the world I live in.”

Across the college other activities were also taking place over the week. Pastoral Leader David Marsh was encouraging students and staff to make the ‘no more straw’ pledge.

It is estimated that nearly five billion plastic straws are currently used each year in the UK. Single use plastics are a huge problem in regards to global climate change as they pollute our oceans.

To find out more about one world week and how to get involved, click here.

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