Adult courses in Salford: FAQs answered

2 August 2019 

It doesn’t matter who you are, your age, gender or background, everyone has the right to succeed in their chosen career, to further their education and better their life. That said, with Adult courses in Salford, there really is no barrier to learning.

Why not check out our new Adult Course Guide for a full list of courses, times, dates and prices. Click here for more. 

Adult Courses: Quick Facts

  • There are no barriers to learning
  • Whatever your age, it’s never too late to get back into education
  • Whatever your age, it’s never too late to make a career change
  • Having a low level of English doesn’t have to stop you in tracks when it comes to education or your career
  • There is always support on hand while you are in education. Whether that is with childcare or finances

Adult Courses: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I too old to study?

A. You’re never too old. We offer a range of courses to a variety of different people at different stages in their lives, careers and education.

Q. Can I get help with childcare?

A. Of course, find out if you are eligible by calling 0161 631 5000 and asking for student services.

Q. Am I good enough to go back to college?

A. If you have the drive and motivation, then you are good enough. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve previously got with education, give yourself another chance to succeed. We will be there with you every step of the way.

Q. What can I do now my children have grown up?

A. Do something for yourself! Head back to college, get onto an Access course or continue with your previous studies.

Q. Can I study at university even though I never got my A-level/equivalent qualifications? 

A. Yes. If you don’t have the correct qualifications to study at university, you can apply for one of our access courses which will get you those qualifications and get you onto a university course. 

Q. Can I get help with fees and finance? 

A. Yes, just call us on 0161 631 5000 to find out what you’re eligible for. 

Got another question? Get in touch by calling 0161 631 5000 or by email today. 
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