The road less travelled: A journey from apprentice to a career in logistics

6 March 2019 

Three former Salford City College apprentices have made the transition from full-time apprentice to full-time freight employee at Davies Turner, a logistics and supply chain company. 

(Left to right: Jodie Broadbent, Jack Ryan, Rachael Davis) 

Jodie Broadbent, Jack Ryan and Rachael Davis talk imports and expectations as they explain how an apprenticeship in business administration drove them directly into an unlikely career in transportation.

“I am now an Ocean Import Coordinator, I import goods from all over the world including China, the Far East, the US, Australia, Dubai, even Africa”, said former apprentice Jodie who believes her apprenticeship was the cargo she needed to coordinate her new career.

She said: “I just can’t imagine this being a career I would have gone into without having learnt all I did through my apprenticeship. I don’t think you could do this job without having done an apprenticeship beforehand. They slowly ease you in, teaching you the basics of the industry. This is why I chose an apprenticeship in the first place, to get me into a career and enable me to learn all I need from the inside.

“My employer really focused on me as an apprentice and on my training. They gave me a lot to do so I had a variety of things to learn about at all times – it was a really positive experience.”

Jodie is confident that thanks to her apprenticeship she has found the career path for her and would even recommend a career in logistics to others who may be unsure about their futures. She said: “I really enjoy working here and I enjoy my role, I’d certainly recommend a job in logistics to someone looking at starting an apprenticeship, it’s really interesting. In fact, people are surprised by the things I’ve actually learnt about. I’ve found out a lot about things like designer brands and how they are exported and how they make a profit. You’d be surprised the kinds of things you learn about working in this industry.” 

Jack Ryan, another former Salford City College apprentice has now been taken on by the company as a full-time Customer Relationship Coordinator. Jack said his apprenticeship exceeded all his expectations and is pleased with where he has ended up. He said: “When I signed up for a Business Administration Apprenticeship it was not what I expected, but it’s actually a lot better than I expected.”

“I never even considered a job in this industry before but I’m so glad I’ve ended up where I am. When I started my Business Administration Apprenticeship, I had no idea I’d be learning all about this industry and really getting the skills I needed for such a promising career. It’s not really an administration job I’m doing, it involves admin but it’s so much more, and it’s been a lot better than I ever thought.

“Learning on the job is what I believe has landed me this career. You get helped out on the job as an apprentice. I knew nothing about logistics and the freight industry when I came into my apprenticeship and they have taught me pretty much everything about it to be successful in this role.”

Jack feels Davies Turner have helped him find his ideal role. He said: “In my team we deal directly with the customers. They come to us for quotes and we deal with collecting shipments and so on. The biggest highlight of the job for me has been creating these relationships with the customers. It’s what I believe I am good at and I really think the company has found an ideal role for me within the business.”

Rachael Davies, who works in Ocean Import, has too travelled some distance since starting her apprenticeship. She said: “I didn’t really know what I’d be doing when I started doing the Business Administration Apprenticeship, but it’s turned out to be a lot more interesting than I ever imagined.

“Doing the apprenticeship and working with the employer has really helped me understand the industry. I’m a practical person so working and learning on the job has really been beneficial to me and I’d recommend this pathway to anyone who learns in the way I do.

“One thing I’ve taken away from this whole experience is the fact I really believe apprenticeships can offer a lot more than you might think. Just look at me, I’ve potentially found a career for life!”

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