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Apprenticeships at Salford City College are an award-winning, leading training provider in Greater Manchester, operating across the North West. We have been offering outstanding apprenticeship provision for over 10 years.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with training. It’s a real job, with hands on experience, you will receive a contract of employment and get paid for your time at work and training.  You will need to apply for the job and be successful in an interview with the employer in order to secure a place on an apprenticeship. Our recruitment team can support you and will show you the vacancies we have available helping to find a suitable apprenticeship for you.

Your training will depend on the type of apprenticeship you choose, some involve going to college one day a week plus workplace visits from a college trainer assessor, others will involve one to one training in the workplace with one of our trainer assessors carrying out regular workplace visits.

Choosing the right apprenticeship

There are some fantastic opportunities out there, most employers are looking for apprentices to stay with them long term which is why they are able to invest train and support you from the start.

We offer a range of careers in these areas and more. Click here to view our full offer.

Choosing the right level 

Apprenticeships are quite different from academic or full time college courses, in that your level will depend on the opportunities you will have in your job role. Level 2 is usually an entry level job where you may not have very much experience and will be expected to carry out routine tasks, this is an excellent starting point and can allow you to progress onto higher levels as you gain experience. Level 3 usually involves taking on more responsibility in the workplace, being responsible for a project or supervision of others, or carrying out more complex, skilled work. Level 4 is a higher level apprenticeship where you will be expected to carry out work at a high level, this may involve management and organisational strategy, and carrying out complex work.

We will always take into account your prior learning and any knowledge or experience you have gained, you will have an individual learning plan to make sure we aren’t asking you to repeat what you have already done, and this may mean your apprenticeship can be completed in a shorter timeframe. An apprenticeship can last between 12 – 48 months, depending on the sector.

Maths & English – If you haven’t already got Maths and English you will complete this alongside your apprenticeship. Some employers are looking for minimum grades as part of the entry criteria, and some apprenticeships have minimum grade entry requirements. Click here to find out more. 

Find out more – Our apprenticeship recruitment team will be happy to discuss your options and find the right apprenticeship for you. Please get in touch on 0161 631 5555 or email us at

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