Welcome from the Chair of the Corporation

The Corporation is made up of seventeen governors committed to working with College management for the benefit of our students. It is the Corporation’s policy to be as informative as possible about the work of the Corporation and I hope you will find the information provided both interesting and relevant. If not, please do not hesitate to contact Denise Hark, Head of Governance Services, who will be pleased to assist you. 

The Corporation encourages the recruitment of governors from all sections of the community, and applications are welcomed from people of all cultural backgrounds with a range of relevant skills and experience.  

Corporation governors are volunteers, who play an important part in setting the strategic direction of the college.  The Corporation ensures accountability for the use of public funds through monitoring and evaluating the College’s performance.

For further information about becoming a member of the Corporation please contact Denise Hark, Head of Governance Services on or 0161 631 5215.

Thank you for your interest.


Jackie Flynn
Chair of the Corporation

The role of the corporation

  • Determine and oversee the educational character and quality of the College
  • Ensure that the College remains financially solvent
  • Approve the annual estimates of income and expenditure produced by the Principal and Chief Executive
  • Agree the appointment and pay and conditions of the Principal and other senior post-holders
  • Set the framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff
  • Set the policy for tuition fees
  • Monitor its own performance to ensure that the Governing Body operates to the highest standards
Head of Governance Services / Clerk to the Corporation
0161 631 5215