Virtual New Parents’ Evening

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for joining us for our virtual New Parents’ Evening. We hope that the information made available to you on this page will give you an overview of the different services available to yourself and your son/daughter when they enrol at the College in August.

We hope that this information will reaffirm our claims that our students are at the heart of everything we do. Our simple ambition is that your son/daughter will be happy and fulfilled whilst achieving their aspirations during their valuable time at the College.

We value parents’/guardians’ support and want to work in partnership with you to maximise your son/daughter’s success at the College. At enrolment, you will have the opportunity to register for a ParentPortal account. This account will allow you to keep up-to-date with your son/daghter’s progress.

If you have any questions about your son/daughter’s transition to the College, our friendly School Liaison and Admissions Teams are on hand to assist you. Please contact them using the live webchat service (located in the bottom right corner of our website) or alternatively call us on 0161 631 5050.

We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students and we look forward to welcoming you and your son/daughter to the College.

With best wishes,

Sharon Sharples

Head of Admissions & School Liaison

Please select the appropriate College from the videos below to hear a short introductory welcome from the Head of Centre.

Please select the appropriate College from the virtual tours below to explore some of the specialist classrooms and facilities that your son/daughter will be able to use once they have enrolled at the College.

The Salford City College Group offer a range of support which seeks to meet the needs of our students depending on their learning difference, disability or medical condition. We are committed to removing barriers to learning and ensuring that each individual is empowered to reach his or her potential and gain independence. Support ranges from differentiated teaching and In-Class Support, to more specialist support including Assistive Technology or Dyslexia.

For our students with complex or multiple disabilities we offer specialist provision and support on the Entry level courses at Eccles Sixth Form College.

What Types of Support are Available? 

  • One to One Support provided by a Learning Support or Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties Tutor
  • Specialist screening/assessment for Specific Learning Difficulties where students have a history of these difficulties
  • Assistive Technology for students with difficulties/disabilities
  • Individual Support plans for students with disabilities/medical needs
  • Support with Access Arrangements for exams where applicable
  • Classroom Support provided by our In-Class Support Team

The Learning Support Team may provide classroom support on a group or one to one basis if there is evidence that this is an appropriate way to support learning. This support is embedded on some of our Entry Level/Level 1 programmes and on some Level 2 programmes depending on student need.

Our Learning Support Team will be in contact with all new students ahead of enrolment. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding our Learning Support, please refer these to our School Liaison & Admissions Teams at

Throughout your son/daughter’s time at the College, they will receive a huge amount of pastoral support to help them succeed in their studies.

When students join our College, they will be assigned a Personal Tutor. Personal Tutors will guide students through their course(s), track their achievements and help students access the varied support available. Above all, our Personal Tutors will help to celebrate our students’ successes. Walking alongside students throughout their academic journey.

Personal Tutors will:

  • Help you settle in and adjust to college life
  • Support you to overcome any challenges that you may experience at college
  • Raise awareness of the support that is available
  • Help you with any attendance difficulties
  • Create actions for you to raise your achievement
  • Give you individual support if you are struggling with your work and/or meeting deadlines
  • Liaise with your teachers to ensure you maximise your learning
  • Listen and provide help and support with issues that may be affecting your college life
  • Help you to become an independent, resilient student

In order to support students during their studies, we may be able to offer a bursary to help with the costs of attending College. Students may also be entitled to a free lunch every day they are in college as well as help with other course related costs such as equipment.


The 16-18 Discretionary Bursary is for students aged 16-18 who will benefit from financial support with the cost of attending College. If the household income (all adults that live in their home who have financial responsibility) is less than £30,000 before tax, then the student may be eligible to receive up to £15.00 per week. This is based on 100% attendance on College premises and full engagement with academic studies.


If a student is aged 16-18 and the household income is less than £16,000 per year (including benefits, pensions, salary and child tax credits), then they may be eligible to receive a free lunch to the value of £3.10 and a free breakfast to the value of £2.40 per day (in a single visit) to the refectory.  This is only applicable to the days the student is timetabled in College and to a maximum of four days per week. Students are NOT eligible for a free college meal if their household receives Working Tax Credits.

For further information about the 16-18 College Bursary Funds, please take a look at our Financial Support Procedure (Students Aged 16-18)

We will be emailing applicants to inform them of the College Bursary Fund on Wednesday 8th July 2021. In the meantime, if you have any questions about applying for the College Bursary Fund, our friendly and supportive Student Services Team is available to support you. Please call us on 0161 631 5000 for more information.

We have provided college transport for a number of years. Our College buses drop you off outside (or very near to) the College that you are studying at and collects you from the same point each day. Using the College Bus Service provides you with a safe and direct journey to College with your friends. All of the services are on modern and comfortable coaches and will run every day during term time.

Our College Bus Service is a safe, reliable and quick way for your son/daughter to travel to College. Places are strictly limited, and therefore permits are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. The service costs £20.00 per Term.

We will be emailing applicants to inform them of the College Bus Service when our Tickets Portal opens on Monday 26th July 2021. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the College Bus Service, our friendly and supportive Admissions Team is available to support you. Please use the live webchat service (located in the bottom right corner of our website) or alternatively call us on 0161 631 5050.