Part-Time Financial Support


Tuition Fee Loan

Part-time students can now apply for a tuition fee loan to help them manage the cost of fees.

Part-time students only start repaying their loan when they are earning more than £21,000. Repayments begin in the April four years after you start your course. This applies even if you’re still studying. Students can pay back all or some of their loan at any time without incurring an early repayment charge.

Making an application

Please note that the maintenance loans and grants available for full-time students are not available for those studying in a part-time mode. It is important to do your sums before joining the course to make sure you can support yourself whilst studying. If you do claim a student fee loan and decide to withdraw from the course after the first six weeks of term you may be liable for part/full payment of the fees and will need to repay any tuition fee loan accordingly.

Before you make an application, you should check your eligibility.  All the HE courses that we offer are eligible for loan funding. Some applicants may not be able to get a loan depending on their nationality or residency status or if they are already holding an equivalent level qualification.  For more information click here.

You can apply for a tuition fee loan and maintenance loans and grants online.  Application deadlines for can be found here.  Selecting your course- remember, when you make an application it is important to select the correct provider.  If you are applying for a University of Bolton course delivered at Salford, you must select Bolton as your institution, for University of Salford, you should select the University of Salford.  Only HNC/D students should select Salford City College.

Guidance on the application process can be found here.  Remember you may have to prove your identity and possibly confirm residency status and household income.  Allow plenty of time for submission of your application and all supporting evidence.

Continuing students

You’re a ‘continuing student’ if you got finance last year. Log in to your student finance account and apply online.

Benefits for Higher Education Students with Low Incomes

Part-time students on a low income may be eligible for benefits, including Income Support, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. Allowances are dependent on your personal circumstances such as your income and any savings you may have.

If you’re already claiming income-related benefits and want to start a Higher Education course, you should ask Jobcentre Plus or your local authority’s Housing Benefit section how this will affect your benefits.  For further information on, please click here.