Konnekt Team

The multi-faith Konnekt team help with spiritual and faith issues, and can also offer a listening ear when you need someone to talk to. We can arrange time and space for prayer or quiet reflection and will give information about faith communities and festivals in the local area.

The Konnekt Team are volunteers who are ordained and lay people from local Churches. We welcome all ‘faith communities’ as part of the team and we do try to provide students and staff with links to ‘other faiths’. The Team is available for all students and reflexion rooms are available on a bookable basis (via Student Services) and also drop in – for individual prayer, quiet reflection, silence, fellowship groups, dialogue, study and occasionally for formal worship.

One of the highlights in college life is our annual Equality and Diversity Week – usually in March – which gives the opportunity for faith communities to come into College with many other community groups. We also support remembrance and celebration events such as Armistice Day, World Holocaust Day and faith festivals. More information on the various faith festivals can be found on the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/religion/ 

The Konnekt Team links to the http://www.fbfe.org.uk. FBFE arranges regional events enabling us to network and to keep up with latest developments in the world of FE. We are part of the SW Region.

There’s more information on the AFAN website (All Faiths and None) http://www.afan.uk.net. You can find information and views on many life issues from different faith and non faith viewpoints.

For further information contact the Student Services team, at your centre.

  Planning and delivering spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) support in the learning and skills sector

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