College Counselling Service

The following intervention process is aimed to assist students

  • If you are concerned about your mental health
  • Refer to the Student Services team
  • Student Services will take the your details and forward these to the college counsellor
  • You may be asked to complete an initial health questionnaire in your own time
  • The Counsellor will contact you to discuss the results of the questionnaire
  • Depending on the results of the questionnaire and your discussion with the Counsellor, the Counsellor will either
    • direct you to an appropriate external agency/online service, or
    • make a College counselling appointment
  • the Counsellor will then complete a more in depth assessment and if appropriate
    • Offer two one to one 30 minutes counselling sessions these could be CBT, Hypnosis or person centred sessions whichever is most appropriate, or
    • Refer to external agencies e.g. 42nd Street, Brook, Papyrus, Out in Salford whichever is most appropriate.
  • Where a member of staff identifies an issue concerning the class as a whole e.g. exam stress, suicide concerns, the Counsellor can provide group sessions.
  • The Counsellor will also be producing CDs to cover common issues affecting students and these will be published and made available from the Student Services team and on the College intranet.

If you have any queries or need support please do not hesitate to contact the College Counsellor or Student Services who will be happy to help you.

To make an appointment, drop into Student Services or contact us on 0161 631 5000.