Student Involvement


Student Council

This is the student’s opportunity to be a Student Representative and get involved in what happens at your college,  the Student Council meets on a regular basis to arrange events, raise money for charities, enrichment activities and discuss issues that may have arisen.  Nominated student representatives from your college Student Council then attend a termly Executive Student Council meeting, which consists of representatives from each of the centres.  A member of the Student Executive Council is also the Student Governor and this ensures that a two way communication process exists between the student body and the governing body allowing students to be involved in decisions at the highest level.

Focus Groups

If there is a particular issue we want students views on then we will invite students to a Focus Group where discuss can take place and feedback received.  Recent Focus Groups have taken place on the format of student timetables, the new accommodation strategy and college transport.


There will be times during the year when we will ask you to complete a survey, this could be a Government survey about your teaching and learning or an internal survey about the quality of the IT resources.  Your opinions and feedback are always important to us so we can improve the experience and service you receive from us.