What are T-levels?

T-levels are the technical equivalent to A-levels. T-levels combine classroom-based learning with a long-term industry work placement throughout the course that enables students to put into practice the skills they have learnt in the classroom in a real-life working situation.

Each T-level course involves an industry placement, which is a 315-hour work placement with an employer that aligns to your area of study and the career path that you are aiming to succeed in.

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Benefits to Students

Each year we support our students in carrying out work experience placements to experience the world of work, which benefits them in a number of ways:

Development of technical skills – Working with industry professionals enables students to develop their skills in other ways than they are used to in College whilst exploring their career aims.

Networking – students get the chance to network with other employees in their chosen industry to start to build their network contacts.

Employability skills – On work experience it’s not just the technical industry skills that our students develop, they also develop transferable skills such as teamwork, communication, using initiative and confidence that all contribute towards becoming work ready.

Our T-levels

Nursing Cadets – Elite Course (T-Level Vocational)

Digital Production, Design & Development – Elite Course (T-Level Vocational)