FutureSkills at MediaCityUK – New Students

Welcome to FutureSkills

FutureSkills at MediaCityUK is a well-established centre of excellence for young people who wish to pursue a career in creative and digital industries.

We provide excellent learning opportunities delivered by some of the very best teachers in the country. All of our teaching staff are experts in their subject areas, have substantial industry experience and are passionate about supporting each and every student so that they can flourish and exceed expectations. Students are regularly given the opportunity to meet and speak to industry professionals, engage in work experience opportunities, live briefs and community development projects. They also have access to state-of-the-art music, radio, TV and photography studios at FutureSkills.

We recognise that it is important that our students feel cared for and are welcomed to the college. Our teaching staff are kind, committed and want the best for their students. In addition to the development and acquisition of skills and knowledge, students are allocated a personal tutor who will support them across the year. They will also be supported to develop their English and mathematics skills, independent thinking, study skills and resilience. In addition, we have a dedicated pastoral support team who work with students on an individual basis to remove barriers and support students in the best possible way.

I will write to you in due course with information about enrolment. 

Our outstanding pass rates reflect our vision to ensure that students at FutureSkills are the best that they can be. We have high expectations, we want the best for our students. We are very proud of our students’ successes and our college community and look forward to welcoming you to FutureSkills at MediaCityUK for enrolment. 


Student Life

At FutureSkills we are proud to boast an excellent programme of enrichment. All students are invited to participate in a range of activities outside their curriculum classes. Weekly activities include make-up workshops, music society, gaming club, human cinema, debating club, arts and crafts, capoeira, media production content workshops, FutureSkills Radio and the production of a student magazine.

Becoming a FutureSkills Student

Please ensure that you keep your contact details up-to-date with our Admissions Team so that we are able to keep in touch. 

You can access the latest enrolment information on our website. 


College Prospectus 

If you would like more information about any of the courses we offer, or if you have any questions about studying at FutureSkills at MediaCityUK, please do not hesitate to contact our School Liaison Team on 0161 631 5050 or at admissions@salfordcc.ac.uk

Contact our Heads of Department

If you have any questions about the courses we offer or would like more information about studying at FutureSkills at MediaCityUK, our Heads of Department are happy to help you. 

Head of Curriculum   Cheryl Smith

Head of Curriculum


Pastoral Support   Jennifer Stead

Head of Pastoral Support


IT, Computing, Games Development and Professional Construction Lee Chadwick

Head of IT, Computing & Games


Media, Music and Media Make-Up   Catherine Davies

Head of Media, Music & Media Make-Up


Transition Questionnaire

In order to make your transition from school as smooth as possible, we need to learn a little more about you and prepare all of the support you might need. 

Please complete this short questionnaire to assist us in supporting you.