A Level Textiles is suitable for those with a curious mind, an interest in colour, texture, pattern, fashion, and the behaviour of materials. This course is exciting and broad and introduces you to a range of creative textile techniques. You will explore your creative working with techniques such as stitch, applique, embellishment, dyeing, printing, and weave; as well as the changing of surfaces through manipulation, burning and melting. As a student on the course, you will be encouraged to experiment and work creatively; often employing traditional techniques but giving them a contemporary twist, investigating the properties and possibilities of a range of materials, including those that are unconventional. You will be introduced to a range of traditional and contemporary artists and designers, developing an understanding of the purpose and intention evident in their work to support your personal development. We want students to be ambitious, inventive, motivated and above all creative. The course is mostly practical, supported by contextual enquiry to broaden your knowledge base and understanding. It is split into two elements, Personal Investigation (which involves the development of a personalised portfolio and related outcomes supported by a short, written essay) and Externally Set Assignment (which involves the development of ideas from initial research which are then refined into final outcomes based on a set theme). The Personal Investigation element is worth 60% of the overall grade and the Externally Set Assignment the remaining 40%.The first year focuses on building knowledge, understanding and practical skills through working on teacher set themes and mini assignment briefs. The second year becomes more focused on each student’s personal creative journey and the development of their personal ideas.All work is externally moderated to ensure fairness of assessment and that national standards are maintained.You can follow us on:Instagram: @pendletonschoolofcreativeartsTwitter: @creativeartspen

Entry Requirements

Students will need three Grade 5s and three Grade 4s including a Grade 5 in GCSE (or equivalent) English. They should also have a broad range of GCSEs 9-4 (A*-C) and preferably a GCSE (or vocational) qualification in a creative subject. For applicants without a previous qualification in art and design, they would need to demonstrate a keen interest in the subject through a creative portfolio. We do not allow students to enrol on creative A levels without sufficient knowledge and skills to be able cope with the rigour and demands of study.


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Textiles (A-Level) (Level 3)Pendleton Sixth Form College03/09/202424/25
Textiles (A-Level) (Level 3)Pendleton Sixth Form College05/09/202323/24

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