GCSE Maths (Vocational)

If you need a grade 4 (C) at GCSE mathematics in order to progress from college to work or university, then we have an excellent Department of Mathematics to help you achieve what you need. It may be that mathematics has not worked out for you so far, but our staff are expert in teaching the subject to you as if you had not seen it before. We know you have learned GCSE mathematics already and you don’t want the same lessons again, so we have a GCSE mathematics course that will help you be better prepared to tackle the demands of the exam.

What will I study?

The exam may or may not be from the same board that you sat at school, but the content will be almost certainly the same for the most part which will include:
• Numbers
• Data
• Shapes
• Space
• Measurements
• Algebra

What enrichment will there be?

Level \ Entry Requirements Level - Intermediate

Code: C18P-FMA-GCS

Available at: Eccles, Pendleton, Worsley, City, FutureSkills

What could I do next?

Almost anything. GCSE mathematics at grade 4 (C), or above, is the key to countless exciting courses and jobs.

How is the course assessed

You will have a resit exam in November so that you can move on quickly if you are ready and another one in the summer should it be necessary.

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