GCSE English (Vocational)

We now offer the new AQA English language syllabus.

What will I study?

The course involves reading and analysing a series of short extracts from fiction and non-fiction texts, including some comparison between texts. You will study many aspects of English including creative and formal writing, language analysis, communication skills and the key transferable skills of spelling, punctuation and grammar. There is also a spoken language element.

What enrichment will there be?

Level \ Entry Requirements Level - Intermediate

Code: C18P-ENG-GCS

Available at: Eccles, Pendleton, Worsley, City, FutureSkills

What could I do next?

A pass grade in GCSE English will be a key qualification if you are applying for a university place and will improve your employment chances. A pass in English at GCSE will also help you to secure your preferred college place and is an essential requirement for university courses. Most careers now require GCSE English and it is mandatory for careers in the police service, local government, nursing, midwifery, social services, teaching and many others.

How is the course assessed

There will be two exams in June, each worth 50% of the overall grade. Grades will range from 9 to 1, with 9 as an A*. Target grade for a pass will be 4, which is equivalent to a grade C. There is also a compulsory spoken language assessment but this does not contribute to the final grade.

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