GCSEs (Vocational)

All students who have not achieved Grade A*-C in GCSE Mathematics or English will continue to have separate Mathematics and English classes with the expectation that they will achieve recognised qualifications. Students with a Grade D in their GCSE in Mathematics or English will follow a GCSE course in these subjects alongside their chosen course. Students who have achieved less than a Grade D will study recognised Maths and English qualifications alongside their chosen course. For those students who have achieved a GCSE grade A*-C in Mathematics and English it is important to practice these skills and opportunities for further development will be provided through the study of all of their
subjects and will be expected to undertake directed study for both Maths and English.

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Level \ Entry Requirements Level - Intermediate

Code: C18C-GCS

Available at: Eccles, Pendleton, Worsley, City, FutureSkills

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