Drama and Theatre Studies (A-Level)

Whatever the future holds, students of drama and theatre studies emerge with a tool kit of transferable skills preparing them for their next steps. The course is well and widely respected by Higher Education institutions and employers alike. In fact, since 2012, more than 9,994 students studying at Russell Group universities, have an A-level in drama and theatre studies. Some of our own most successful former students include Michelle Keegan, Coronation Street and Our Girl and Simona Bitmate who starred in Mike Leigh’s Peterloo.

This course looks at the practices and theories of classical and contemporary playwrights, directors and practitioners of drama. It aims to develop awareness of a range of significant theatre practitioners through the observation and analysis of existing and emerging performance work, practical exploration of texts and practitioner techniques.


Students will study two set plays; Antigone and Metamorphosis. They will also create and perform a devised piece applying the techniques of a significant practitioner such as Frantic Assembly.

Entry Requirements

Students will need three Grade 5s and three Grade 4s including
a Grade 5 in GCSE (or equivalent) English. They should also have a broad range of GCSEs 9-4 (A*-C). Interview and audition are required.


NameAvailable at:
Drama and Theatre Studies (A-Level) (Level 3) Pendleton Sixth Form College

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