Plumbing (Vocational)

Did you know there is so much more to the world of plumbing? These days plumbers tackle a huge range of jobs, from fixing a kitchen sink to installing a solar-water heating system. The trade is both exciting and challenging, offering a variety of routes to pursue such as domestic, commercial or industrial plumbing.

You will learn about a wide variety of areas within plumbing and domestic heating, as you develop your skills in our real life workshops. The knowledge you gain can be demonstrated during practical lessons, giving you the experience needed for the industry



Level 1: Basic plumbing skills and processes, cold water processes, hot water processes, central heating, sanitation, above and below ground drainage systems, communication in building engineering services and health and safety.

Level 2: Plumbing science, plumbing processes, complex hot and cold water systems, central heating and gas installations, sanitation systems and health and safety

Entry Requirements

1/2s at GCSE<br/> 4 Ds/3s at GCSE or
progression from Level 1


This course would be ideal for those who would like to pursue an apprenticeship in plumbing and gas. You could also go on to study further, by progressing to a Level 3 Professional Construction qualifi cation, which can lead to many Higher Education opportunities including Higher National Certifi cate at our University Centre.


NameAvailable at:Start DateAcademic Yr
Plumbing Studies Diploma Level 1 City Skills 05/09/2023 23/24
Plumbing Studies Technical Certificate Level 2 City Skills 05/09/2023 23/24

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