Electrical Installation (Vocational)

Do you have a passion for how electrical systems work? Are you interested in learning more about building and maintaining electrical installations in structures? If so, this course is the ideal starting point to begin your journey. Units will include electrical science, electrical installations technology, installation of wiring systems, solar photovoltaic, micro-renewable energies and communication within the building services and engineering industry.



Level 1: Health and safety, electrical science, wiring systems and communication in building services.

Level 2: Electrical science, electrical installations, electrical technology, environmental and communication in construction.

Level 3: Electrical design, test and commission of electrical installations, electrical science and principles and diagnostics and repair of electrical faults.

Entry Requirements

1/2s at GCSE<br/> 4 Ds/3s at GCSE or
progression from Level 1<br/> Progression from Level 2


On completion of your level 2 or 3 qualifi cation, you could progress onto either a professional construction course or an apprenticeship. Electrical Installation is the perfect foundation to an apprenticeship.


NameAvailable at:Start DateAcademic Yr
Electrical Installation Diploma Level 1 City Skills 05/09/2023 23/24
Electrical Installation (Build & Structures) Diploma Level 3 City Skills 05/09/2023 23/24
Electrical Installation (Build & Structures) Technical Cerificate Level 2 City Skills 05/09/2023 23/24

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