Brickwork (Vocational)

If you’re considering a career as a bricklayer and are ready to start developing your skills, then this is the perfect course for you.

You’ll cover a wide range of areas including learning how to interpret working drawings in order to set out masonry structures, how to produce thin joint masonry and masonry cladding, as well as how to build both solid and cavity walling.



Level 1: Safe working practices, brick and block laying skills.

Level 2: Cavity and solid wall construction, quantities and piers.

Entry Requirements

1/2s at GCSE<br/> 4 Ds/3s at GCSE or
progression from Level 1


On completion of your level 2 qualification, pathways will include a route into a professional construction course or an apprenticeship. Bricklaying is the perfect foundation to an apprenticeship.


NameAvailable at:Start DateAcademic Yr
Brickwork Diploma Level 1 City Skills 05/09/2023 23/24
Brickwork Diploma Level 2 City Skills 05/09/2023 23/24

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