“Ensuring direction, alignment and commitment within your own practice, your team(s), your organisation and across partnerships to help children, young people and families aspire to do their best and achieve sustainable change”

The Skills and knowledge requirements for the standard are based on the kind of statement typically expected from practitioners about their managers

“You provided direction and ensured we worked as a cohesive team”

“You implemented a working environment which supported dignity and human rights”

“You helped us work through the challenges that faced us and ensured we were safe”

“You enabled us to focus on and achieve improved outcomes for children and young people”

“You managed and made best use of the resources that we have”

“You built the relationships with others that ensured effective communication and partnership work”

“You ensured there was a culture of continuing professional development”

Other expectations from this option are:

1a. Plays a leading role in developing the ethos of the home and creates a sense of purpose and clarity for the long-term care and support of children and young people in residential care

Behaviours- to lead consistently with Care, compassion, courage, communication, competence, commitment.


Elements of learning can be face to face tutorials by visit or remote digital means, may be directed study & research. Learning in the workplace via practical demonstration, shadowing, instruction, or simulation or by way of courses and reflection.

Assessment methods may include Q&A, work products, observation of practice, witness account, recognition of prior learning, professional discussion (this list is not exhaustive).

Mandatory qualifications

  • Level 5 Diploma in leadership for Health and social care
  • Functional Skill Level 2 in English (unless previously achieved)
  • Functional Skill Level 2 in mathematics (unless previously achieved)

End Point Assessment

  • Situational judgement test
  • Competence interview a portfolio of evidence informs the interview

Entry Requirements

English and Maths – level 1

Apprentices must be in suitable employment and role have the opportunity to develop all required knowledge, skills and behaviours aligned to this apprenticeship standard.


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