The following units are studied and assessed throughout the course:? Unit 01 Principles of business communicationKnowledge of communication in a business environment with a focus on telephone and voicemail systems. Learners will also gain the knowledge required to produce business documents and how to store and retrieve information.? Unit 02 Health and safety in a business environment Provides learners with an understanding of health and safety in a business environment.Learners will know their responsibilities and how to work safely, complying with health and safety in a business environment? Unit 03 Principles of business administrationEquips learners with the knowledge of how to meet and welcome visitors in a business environment,provide mail services and use office equipment.? Unit 04 Principle of personal performance and developmentProvides learners with an understanding of employees’ rights and employers’ expectations. Learners will know how to manage their own work and understand ways of managing and improving their own personal performance and development.? Unit 05 Principles of working in a business environment Provides learners with an understanding of the purpose and structure of business organisations. Learners will know how to contribute to environmental sustainability, how to support equality and diversity, and meet confidentiality and security requirements within an organisation.? Unit 06 Work with others in a business environment Provides learners with skills and knowledge required to work with others in a business environment, such as meeting agreed deadlines, maintaining expected standards of performance and treating others with courtesy and respect.? Unit 07 meet and Welcome visitors in a business environment Equips learners with the ability to meet visitors in a business environment. Learners will be able to confirm a visitor’s identity, check health, safety and security actions are carried out and present a positive personal image in accordance with organisational standards. ? Unit 08 Manage time and workload Equips learners with the knowledge and skills required to manage their own time and workload.Learners will be able to use time management techniques, inform team members of their progress and development and ask for work when existing tasks have been completed.? Unit 17 Using emailEquips learners with the ability to use email software tools and techniques to compose and send messages and also to manage incoming mail effectively. ? Unit 18 Word Documents Provides learners with word processing skills such as how to enter, edit, and combine text and other information accurately.Learners will understand how to structure information within word processing documents, and how to use word processing software tools to format and present documents.


Learners can progress to further study or to employment. Careers advice and strong links with our apprenticeship team provides opportunities for learners to progress into apprenticeships or into direct self explored employment. Further study routes are discussed in class at several points during the year and previous students have progressed into Accounting, Access to HE Business, Access to Psychology and many other areas. Quote from a previous student:I enjoyed the business admin course last year and found it incredibly helpful in improving my skills and knowledge. The course has definitely prepared me well for my access course.The writing skills I developed during the business admin course have been especially useful in completing assignments for my access course.I feel more confident in my ability to write clearly and concisely, which has allowed me to excel in my studies.


This course encompasses a range of different learning styles and assessment methods. There are no exams!? Each candidate must create a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates achievement of all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria associated with each unit. Each student has afolder and also an online folder on one drive.? The main pieces of evidence for the portfolio could include ? Assessor observation ? witness testimony ? Worksheets ? Assignments/projects/reports ? Record of professional discussion or record of oral and written ? candidate and peer reports ? Role play recorded? Presentations recorded

Entry Requirements

There are no official entry requirements as there will be an initial assessment in written English. However, for ESOL students you should have completed level 1 ESOL and plan to continue your ESOL or functional skills English alongside this course.For English speakers we encourage learners to study Functional Skills English alongside this course if this has not already been achieved. Costs:? Generally If you are unemployed and claiming benefits OR You are low waged or have refugee status THEN The course will be free. ? Some learners will need to pay fees depending on their prior attainment and employment circumstances.These can be checked for you once you apply for the course.There are no additional costs for the course as all resources are provided.


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