Painter and Decorator Level 2

Key Information



Typical Duration 

24 Months 

Delivery Model 

Delivery Location 

City Skills, Lissadel Street, M6 6AP 

Start Date 

W/C 02/11/2020 

Programme Summary

Painters and Decorators operate in domestic and commercial properties, and undertake the decoration and protection of buildings. Properties include houses, schools, offices, hospitals, factories and construction sites. Working internally or externally, they work individually and/or as part of a team, applying water-borne and/or solvent-borne paint coatings and wall coverings. 

What will you learn?

Apprentices will develop a range of knowledge, skills and behaviors required to become a successful Painter and Decorator. These will include the preparation of different backgrounds and surfaces, different types of fillers and packers, the application of paint via brush, roller and spray, lining papers, standard wallpapers, and specialist wallpapers. Painters and Decorators have the skills to work in a variety of settings, and often progress to running their own business. 

How is it delivered and assessed?

Apprentices will attend college on a day release basis at City Skills, Lissadel Street, M6 6AP. Both theory and practical sessions will be undertaken, where the technical knowledge and skills aligned to painting and decorating will be developed. 

Portfolio of Evidence 

A portfolio of evidence will be developed by the apprentice with the support of the assessor. This portfolio will show the knowledge which has been developed, the skills which are regularly applied in the workplace, and the behaviors demonstrated to be a successful Painter and Decorator. 

Apprentices are required to undertake an end point assessment. This will be an online knowledge test, followed by a practical skills test to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviors developed over the programme. 

Mandatory Qualifications 

Entry Requirements

  • English and maths – Level 1 

Apprentices must be in suitable employment and have the opportunity to develop the required knowledge, skills and behaviors aligned to this apprenticeship standard. Assessments will be carried out with employers to determine suitability.