Building Services Engineering Installer

Key Information

Level 2
Typical Duration 24 Months
Delivery Model Block Release
Delivery Location City Skills, Lissadel Street, M6 6AP
Start Date September 2020

Programme Summary

The Level 2 Heating & Ventilation Installer standard is for candidates who wish to acquire the necessary practical skills and knowledge to work on a range of specialised industrial and commercial installations. It is ideal for those starting out in heating and ventilation installation.

The apprentices will come to understand industrial and commercial system layouts and components, and the various types of pipework, fittings and working principles for the following systems:

  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Heating
  • Chilled water.

The apprentice will also contribute to testing, commissioning and decommissioning of the above systems, with the ability to liaise and communicate with other trades and clients under close supervision during the operations and procedures.

This course also covers the preparation and fabrication of heating and ventilation pipework systems, and an understanding of testing, charging and decommissioning of heating and ventilation pipework systems in workplaces, such as those found in industrial and commercial buildings, like office blocks, factories, schools and hospitals.

What will you learn?

Apprentices will learn:

  • Safe working practices applying to themselves and others in building services engineering working environments
  • Basic scientific principles underpinning building services engineering industrial and commercial systems, including measurement, force and pressure, heat and power, materials and electricity
  • Environmental protection measures within building services engineering for effective use of material resources, minimising wastage, the legislation surrounding the effective use of energy, gas and water resources
  • How to plan and organise allocated component installation work tasks, including how to interpret instructions correctly, how to organise the sequence of activities to be undertaken, how to ensure the necessary tools and components are available as required, when and how to involve other trades, and how and when to report problems
  • How to prepare work areas to undertake allocated component installation work tasks, including how to maintain safe access and egress for themselves and others, how to work with and alongside other trades, how and where to store tools, equipment and components to ensure safe and efficient work flow, and how to correctly identify mechanical services and electrical tool supply connections
  • Basic operating principles, and basic installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and decommissioning processes of industrial and commercial cold water systems, hot water systems, heating systems, chilled water systems, compressed air and steam systems
  • How system components relate to each other within each of the industrial and commercial systems, including the assembly, positioning, orientation and fixing requirements of storage vessels, heat emitters, pressure vessels, and controls

How is it delivered and assessed?

Highly qualified, industry experienced and professional tutors and Trainer Assessors will assist and teach you through a program of coursework, which comprises of both technical skills in the classroom, supported with practical skills in the workshop. They will support you with collecting evidence from the workplace, for completing your record of achievement, using offline and online content to help draw out the skills, knowledge and behaviours to prepare for the end point assessment.

Your learning journey will be tracked and monitored using performance trackers, and regular reviews and action plans by both your Trainer Assessors and tutors, with feedback both to yourself and your employer.

Mandatory Qualifications

  • Level 2 Heating & Ventilating Installer Qualification (Industrial & Commercial)
  • Functional Skills Level 1 in ICT (unless previously achieved)
  • Functional Skills Level 2 in English (unless previously achieved)
  • Functional Skills Level 2 in mathematics (unless previously achieved)

End Point Assessment

End point assessment for this qualification consist of:

  • A multiple choice knowledge test
  • Completion of the record of achievement
  • A practical test observed by an independent assessor from the appropriate end point assessment organisation

Entry Requirements

A minimum of Level 1 English and maths are required for this programme. 

Apprentices must be in suitable employment and have the opportunity to develop all required knowledge, skills and behaviours aligned to this apprenticeship standard.