Access to Professions in Psychology (Level 3)

This course is specifically designed for those who are interested in studying psychology, in its many forms, at university. On completion of this course, you will be prepared for a number of related degree courses e.g. psychology and combined psychology degrees such as psychology and counselling, psychotherapy, criminology. The course will enable you to develop an awareness of the different perspectives within this exciting discipline and will also introduce you to various research methods. It will prvide an excellent springboard for further study within this area.


The course comprises 15 graded units and 5 ungraded, developmental units which are designed to develop academic skills such as essay writing and referencing skills. The graded units include developmental psychology, mental health, biopsychology, memory, perception, psychological perspectives, genetics and coordination and control.


Successful completion of the course will enable progression onto various degree courses with the opportunity to study at Master’s level and beyond. A number of students go on to study at Russell Group universities.


Assessment in is in the form of essays, booklets, presentations, reports, debates and time-constrained assignments. There is no end-of-year assessment for this course.

Entry Requirements

Applicants will be expected to have GCSEs in maths and English (or L2 equivalents). Evidence of these must be produced prior to starting the course.





Avaliable at: University Centre at Salford City College



NameAvailable at:Academic Year
Access to Professions in Psychology Diploma Level 3 University Centre at Salford City College 2020

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Applications for academic Year 21/22 open on the 12th October 2020