Functional English

This course is offered at all levels (entry 1, entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and level 2). Once enrolled, students are assessed for their starting ability and placed on a level accordingly. These courses are half an academic year so you can progress through two levels a year, or if you only need one, you can be finished by February.

** Please be aware if you choose a course that is being delivered virtually. There will be an expectation for students to attend face-to-face examinations at College but classes and support will be delivered remotely. **

For more information about specific course dates and times, please contact Claire Vinton 0161 631 5837.


You will study literacy skills such as spelling, punctuation and grammar, reading comprehension and creative writing


You can progress to the next functional skills level up to level 2. Once level 2 has been achieved you can study GCSE English or progress to HE courses where level 2 literacy is required (rather than specifiying GCSE).


Written exams for reading and writing and a speaking and listening assessment carried out with your teaacher. These do not take place at set times but are carried out within a time frame when your teacher believes you are ready. For those starting in September the exams will be in January and early February. For courses starting in February exams will take place in May and June. Students may have multiple attempts at exams.

Entry Requirements

There is no entry requirement to enrol in the class, but the level to be studied will be based on previous levels achieved and initial diagnostic assessment.





Please contact our Admissions Team for fee information and advice on remission


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NameAvailable at:Start DateAcademic Yr
Functional English Programme (Part time, City Skills) City Skills 18/09/2023 23/24
Functional Skills English (Sep start, Future Skills) FutureSkills at MediaCityUK 11/09/2023 23/24
Functional English Programme (Part time, FutureSkills) FutureSkills at MediaCityUK 18/09/2023 23/24
Functional English Programme (Part time, Eccles Skills Exchange) Eccles Skills Exchange 18/09/2023 23/24
Functional English Programme (Part time, Broughton Trust ) Broughton Trust 18/09/2023 23/24
Functional English Programme (Part time, Worsley College) Worsley College 18/09/2023 23/24