Develop your leadership skills with the #LeadingSalford Springboard programme

05 January 2020

In partnership with Apprenticeships at Salford City College and The University of Salford, Salford City Council have launched The #LeadingSalford Springboard programme. The bespoke initiative is designed specifically for existing managers with high potential to further develop their strategic leadership capabilities.

Throughout the programme, participants will access a unique mix of engaging content, intensive support and leadership skills development for the next step in their careers. There will be the opportunity to grow as a strategic leadership group through structured learning, debate, sharing of best practice and discussions.

The Springboard programme has been created to enable leaders to further develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to lead highly engaged and motivated teams who are empowered to deliver service improvement and transformation.

Salford Council’s Strategic HR and OD Manager, Frank O’Sullivan, explained: “Our vision is for a better and fairer Salford for everyone. This presents both challenges and opportunities. We have the opportunity to develop different relationships between public services and our communities in finding new and better ways to deliver services.”

Through a ‘learning in practice’ approach, participants are able to drive forward key projects within their current roles and also get the opportunity as a group to address a city challenge set by the initiative’s corporate management team (CMT).

Frank added: “To ensure that we are in a position to respond to the ever-changing environment, we need strong, values-based leadership.”

“Values-based leadership is about inspiring and motivating others to achieve high performance, whilst creating a culture where people feel valued, empowered, and developed to do the very best job they can.”

The initiative aims to demonstrate the spirit of Salford in everything that they do through embedding their values into the services that the teams deliver.

The fundamental idea behind Springboard is creating a positive culture where innovation can begin to take place. Many industries are changing and businesses are looking at new ways to evolve. Frank explained: “What leaders do and how they behave is instrumental in developing a positive culture where all our employees are empowered to develop new ways of doing things.”

“These behaviours and this programme enables our leaders to further develop the values-based leadership skills and ways of working required to be successful in leading our organisation and shaping our city.”

“Leadership is action, not a position.”

Participants who take part in the programme will benefit from a tailored individual development plan, resulting in receiving either a departmental manager qualification, or a senior leader master’s degree/MBA. The level of qualification will depend on previous qualifications, experience to date, job role and opportunity for job stretch.

By completing the programme, participants will not only gain a recognised leadership qualification but they will develop their strategic leadership capabilities.

For more information contact Apprenticeships at Salford City College on:

0161 631 5555

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