The Pendleton Choirs take to the stage at Queens’ College, The University of Cambridge

31 August 2018

Pendleton Sixth Form College’s three flagship choirs, The Chamber Choir, The Consort of Voices and The Contemporary Choir, headed to Queens’ College, The University of Cambridge, for a special residential this summer.

Neil G Bennett, Head of the Centre of Excellence for Performing and Production Arts, said: “The residential to Queens’ College, Cambridge, is the highlight of the choral year for students who make up the Pendleton Choirs.

“All the work that they have done with their choral trainers at the college, including Dan McDwyer and myself, was put into practice at special rehearsals and masterclasses with Tim Brown,  one of the most pre-eminent choral trainers and conductors in the world.”

“This perfectly rounded off three days of the students experiencing life as a Cambridge undergraduate – which was a fantastic opportunity in itself.”

All students who are members of one of the choirs were invited onto the trip, which allowed them to experience a formal meal in the Old Hall, go ‘punting’, stay in the university’s halls of residence and explore the historic, and infamous university campus. This was all rounded off with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform in the world-famous Queens’ College Chapel.

Neil added: “These experiences help to shape and colour the student’s lives and capabilities, and will stay with them for many years to come – it was a fantastic three days!”

Zac Frieze, one of the students on the trip said: 

“I found my experience in Cambridge to be phenomenal. It was a once in a lifetime experience as I was able to stay at Queens’ college and perform in one of their most prestigious Chapels. The whole trip was a special way to finish my time at Pendleton and will be an experience that I will always carry with me.”

A major highlight of the trip for many was the chance to work with Tim Brown, a highly-regarded professional who is known and viewed as one of the best choral conductors in the world.

Tim has had a rich and successful career directing musical performances, founding choirs and moulding the careers of many musical talents. As a choral conductor he has worked at Westminster Abbey as well as The University of Cambridge. In fact, he was the Director of Music at Clare College, University of Cambridge and was the founder of The Cambridge University Chamber Choir as well as the London-based professional chamber choir, English Voices.

Tim now divides his time between Cambridge, where he still works with the Robinson College Choir, as a visiting director, and Zurich where he has founded The Zürich Singing Academy.

Tim has conducted masterclasses for Pendleton choir students now for the best part of 17-years. He said at this year’s visit:

“It was an absolute joy to work with the Pendleton choirs on their recent visit to Queens’ College, Cambridge. As always, the enormous enthusiasm of the singers was infectious, but no less impressive was the dedication and discipline they brought to their performances, be it classical choruses or music theatre numbers.

“As preliminary preparation before acting school, there can be no better training in the country.”

If you have a musical talent and would like an opportunity like this one, why not give us a call on 0161 631 5000. Enrolment for this September is still on.

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