Eccles Sixth Form College launch Vocational A-levels – New for September 2018

20 August 2018

Eccles Sixth Form College are proud to introduce, Vocational A-levels, a new, unique qualification that allows students to receive ‘the academic rigour of studying A-levels, coupled with the practical elements of Vocational studies’.

With GCSE results day fast approaching, 16-years-olds across the country will be debating, what’s next for me? By law, all young people under the age of 18 must either remain in full-time education, start an apprenticeship or spend a minimum of 20 hours per week working or volunteering, whilst undertaking part-time education or training.

College or sixth form, for many, is the obvious option, but with an abundance of courses and qualifications available, ‘what’s next’ it’s not always the easiest decision to make.

Many decide to go down the more academic route and study A-levels. A-levels give students the opportunity to study multiple subjects and in more depth than at GCSE. A-levels are known for their academic structure, often assessed by exams or a mixture of exams and coursework.

However, A-levels aren’t for everyone and Vocational courses can offer an alternative, but equally weighted qualification for those who don’t feel A-levels are for them.

Vocational pathways offer more practical, hands-on training, and often only in one subject area as oppose to three of four. They are ideal for those who don’t generally do well in exams and many who might not reach their full potential studying A-levels, flourish on Vocational courses.

Furthermore, employers and universities merit Vocational qualifications equally to A-levels, which is demonstrated in the UCAS Tariff Point Tables.

But, what is a Vocational A-level? Rebecca Parks, Head of Eccles Sixth Form College, said: “Vocational A-levels are an exciting and dynamic new addition to our already extensive vocational offer.  These advanced level courses provide students with the academic rigour of A-level coupled with the practical elements of Vocational study.

“Students can select a combination of three courses that suit their needs and aspirations. Subjects offered include psychology, animal management, business, applied science and sport.

“This will be the first time that students will be able to study psychology within a Vocational context, which means there will be an opportunity to study the theoretical aspects within industry settings.”

If you are interested in studying any of the courses available at Eccles Sixth Form College, please call 0161 631 5000. Applications are still being accepted and enrolment commences on August 23 2018.

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