Accounting Course Feature: A career you can ‘count’ on

6 June 2018

Everyone knows that age-old saying, count your lucky stars. But with a Young Professional Accountants qualification from FutureSkills at MediaCityUK, you won’t need lucky stars, you’ll already have all you need to embark on a lucrative and rewarding career.

Ever wondered where a career in accounting could take you? Well, the possibilities are incalculable.

Every business needs staff working in finance and accounts, which opens up numerous opportunities for those who hold accounting qualifications like the ones offered at FutureSkills.

The school leaver course, for 16-18 year-olds, is for those who have a flair for finance, business and accounting and will see students attain there AAT Level 2 Diploma in Business and Accounting in their first year, and their AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting in their second year.

With an AAT qualification, you might decide to complete further training and become chartered, you might decide to go onto Higher Education or straight into employment, the choice is yours entirely.

But, where might your career lead you? Accounting qualifications open doors, sometimes into industries and job roles that might surprise you.

Countless careers for accountants

Do you have an adventurous side? Why not take your qualification on tour as an international accountant? International accountants navigate trade treaties, pay taxes and deal with currency exchanges, to name just some of the interesting stuff you might get up to. Plus, numeracy is a universal language with accountants being needed across the globe.

Perhaps you have a particular passion in life, aside from your love of numbers of course. If it’s sport, you could find yourself working for a premier league football club negotiating wages and the financials of transfer day signings, or you might become a personal financial advisor for a player or another sportsman.

Or maybe your passion is for fashion? Behind every brand is someone with the financial know how to set clothing prices and generally manage finances, and there are fashion accountancy agencies across the country hiring qualified practitioners every day.

If your dream has always been to work in show business, then taking an accounting career path could lead you there. TV, theatre and music companies all rely on accountants to keep their businesses running smoothly. You might be setting production budgets or negotiating royalty payments. Don’t believe it? Next time you are at the cinema why not stick around for the credits, the entertainment accountant is often the first person hired on a project.

Speaking of show business, accountants are often selected as awards ballotters for award ceremonies. Imagine knowing who has won at the Oscars before anyone else.


The list of incredible careers available to you once you’ve completed your qualification goes on and on. You might find yourself in parliament, as an accounting software developer, or helping charities put every penny they raise to good use. Many former accountants have even gone on to open their own business, as they have the financial know how to make profit. Why not become your own entrepreneur and follow in the footsteps of the likes of Phil Knight, accountant and co-founder of Nike, and Denise Coates, director of Bet365 and qualified accountant.

Getting students career ready

With the Vocational, young professional accountants course, we get students ready for a career in accountancy, or any other path they may choose to take, with the help employers across Greater Manchester.

All students on the course will have the opportunity to interview for internships at extremely prestigious companies, as the college and its staff maintain impressive links to industry.

In the last few years, students have benefitted from strong industry links with companies who actively support the course including ITV, Lloyds Banking Group, RBS, The Peel Group, Salford City Council, BDO, Baker Tilly and Grant Thornton, Bank of New York Mellon and SISTV.

This year has been another exceptional year. Students have successfully completed their qualification and embarked on a six-week paid internship with their respective organisations.

All students on the programme have access to a business mentor and a vast array of work-related activities including company visits, guest speakers and variety of masterclasses.

Geoff Evans, Curriculum Leader for HE and Professional at FutureSkills at MediaCityUK, said: “I have the good fortune of seeing students end-of-internship presentations at week six – giving them the opportunity to thank their ‘colleagues’ for their support and to explain what they have been doing throughout their internship. The impact on our 17 and 18-year-old and their levels of confidence and maturity, and the support provided by colleagues within the respective organisation is truly remarkable.”

Success stories that count

At FutureSkills at MediaCityUK we are extremely proud of both former and current students who have wowed on their internships, excelled on their course, and in some cases, gone on to put their skills to good use with employers and in Higher Education.

Megan Walker

Last summer, Megan Walker completed her six-week placement at BDO in Manchester, prior to an additional week with Grant Thornton. Megan received a conditional offer to join the prestigious RSM School Leavers Programme on successful completion of her AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Megan started work at RSM last summer.

(Megan at FutureSkills at MediaCityUK) 

Sinead Atkinson

Current student, Sinead, completed her six-week internship with Peel Media Limited, she said: “I believe that my internship was completely worthwhile because it enabled me to build up a range of new skills. The internship allowed me to become more independent as I had a whole range of new responsibilities, it also enabled me to improve my communication skills as I had to communicate with a mixture of different people.

“The work I completed at Peel Media tied in with my studies which was great as it gave me more confidence with my college work. Another reason why I think the internship was so valuable was because I was appointed a mentor within my workplace who did not only look after me when it came to my internship, but also helped me with other things such as creating a CV and preparing for future interviews.”

Sinead dreams of becoming a chartered accountant and feels her internship and the course have given her the skills and confidence to pursue this. After college, she will hopefully embark on an apprenticeship to further her skills and would then like to complete here level 4 AAT qualification.

Zubair Rana

Former student Zubair managed to secure a part-time job in the heart of MediaCityUK working for ITV once he had completed his six-week placement with them through the college. Zubair, who credits the reputation of the college as the reason he chose to study here, said:

“I loved working at ITV, as it is such as well-known brand with such a strong reputation, so I knew it would look great on my CV.”  

Tina Piper, Business Service Centre Executive Co-ordinator at ITV, said: “It was a pleasure to watch Zubair grow in knowledge, skills and confidence over the six-week placement and easily become a valued member of our team. His end of internship presentation was not only excellent but was one not to be forgotten, and we were delighted to have had him return to us whilst he completed his studies.”

(Zubair at MediaCityUK, close to the ITV HQ) 

Eireann O’Loughlin-Boardman

Current student Eireann secured and completed a competitive and sought after 6-week internship last summer with SIS, after being given the opportunity to interview with the company through college. She said:

“It’s great to go to a college that has so many connections to such big companies. I now feel I have my foot in the door within the industry thanks to Geoff, my teacher.

“I’m still in contact with the company and they have even told me to send over my CV once I’ve finished my qualification as they are eager to find me a place with them.”

Eireann thanks her dedicated teacher for keeping connections with companies like SIS alive.

“Geoff does everything he can, with what he has got, to make sure every deserving student gets an internship, which is a great testament to the college.”

(Eireann at her SIS end of internship presentation)

Irfan Khan

Thanks to the course, former student Irfan, was given the opportunity to work at the Bank of New York Mellon for his six-week internship. He said: “I found my internship at Bank of New York Mellon very worthwhile, I learnt how a big accounting company works and what to expect in the future.

“I had many highlights throughout my two years studying accounting at FutureSkills, one of them was being able to participate in the ICAEW base competition with fellow classmates. This was a very fun learning experience. We even ended up winning the regional competition.”

Irfan is currently a first-year student at Liverpool John Moore University studying accounting and finance. He said: “I decided to take the university route to further my knowledge in accounting.”

Bobbie Warburton and Luke Brent

Bobbie Warburton and Luke Brent had their internship placements at RBS in Manchester and have since secured employment on a part-time basis until they finish the course. They will continue working at RBS on a full-time basis once they have finished college and will no doubt go on to have remarkable careers.

Bobbie’s mum, Linda, said: “Bobbie is 18 and is a bright young person who did not wish to study traditional A-levels.

“I can honestly say that this course has set Bobbie onto the right pathway into a bright career future; without it, she would not have been so enthusiastic about AAT and would not have achieved as much in the two years. She would never have been introduced to RBS where she likes to think she will fulfil her whole career.”

More about the qualification, and other qualifications we offer

Our Business and Professional Department at FutureSkills at MediaCityUK offer courses that aim to give you the edge. The edge might be the interview, the placement or the job. Whatever it is, our main aim is to ensure you gain the knowledge and experience you need to take your next steps towards your prospective career.

If you aren’t a school leaver but are still interested in a career in accountancy, we have the course for you. Perhaps you are an adult looking to get back into education? If so one of our Access courses could be a good choice? We also provide AAT training for budding accountants who are 19+.

Depending on which path you choose to take we also offer foundation degrees and HNC’s in a variety of business subject areas. So whether you have been out of education for a long time, have the necessary experience but want another qualification under your belt, or perhaps you are looking for a career change?

For more information, why not come along to our Accounting Information Session on Tuesday 12 June 2018. Come down to FutureSkills at MediaCityUK for a 6pm start. Can’t make it? Give us a call on 0161 631 5000. 

For more in the Accounting Information Session: click here.

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