Smart Assessor

Introduction to Smart Assessor

Smart Assessor is a cloud based e-portfolio that operates both online with internet connection and offline without internet connection.  As a commitment from Apprenticeships at Salford City College, we’ve commissioned Smart Assessor as the premium product in the marketplace to help facilitate our apprenticeship delivery. Everything from signing up to a programme, through to monitoring progress and successful completion of their end point assessment can all be captured electronically, within Smart Assessor.

Apprentice Benefit

As an apprentice, using Smart Assessor means you can access the e-portfolio to see your progress against your course and upload evidence wherever you are in the world, both with and without internet connection. Smart Assessor is perfect for apprentices, work-based learners and anyone undertaking training, as you can replace paper evidence with videos, photos and voice recordings as evidence of competence for your apprenticeship programme.

Employer Benefit

As a committed apprentice employer, you want full visibility of the progress of your staff member. Smart Assessor provides this. The Smart Assessor system is fully transparent so you as the employer can see exactly what has been planned with your employee, when their assessor next plans to visit, any progress that has been made and crucially you can get involved in the planning and feedback with the employee. What’s more, everything is digital – using your employer login you are able to ‘sign off’ documentation without the need to print.There are various benefits to the employer utilising Smart Assessor, firstly:

  • You can see at a glance what you have commissioned the college to deliver and exactly where the student is up to
  • You can be involved in the planning and delivery of the course, tailor and contextualise it to your specific needs and requirements
  • Your staff can engage with the Smart Assessor platform because it’s simple and easy to use and fully transparent for all parties
  • You can access the Smart Assessor system anywhere in the world

Employer App

Alongside all the above benefits you receive as an employer you also have access to a nice, easy, intuitive employer app to see the progress of your staff at a glance, on the go, anywhere in the world. The app informs you of the number of apprentices you have at the college, how often they have logged into smart assessor, future planned sessions with the college and crucially those employees who have actions overdue.

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