There has never been a better time to be an apprentice, or employ an apprentice, with Salford City College. 

At Salford City College, 80% of apprentices succeed in completing their apprenticeship and go on to further employment, which is an incredible 13% above the national average.

The college boasts having over 1,100 apprentices on programme, the majority of whom are employed in one of the key growth sectors in Greater Manchester: health and social care, professional and financial services, construction or education. And they aren’t stopping there, the college have implemented an ambitious growth plan to raise this number, with a view of having 2,000 apprentices on programme by 2021.

Apprenticeships are more popular than ever before, offering a way to develop the skills of an individual that are specifically desired by the employer, and gain them a qualification at no cost to themselves.

In the last academic year, just under half a million people started an apprenticeship in the UK, whilst supported by an employer. This is more than double the amount of people who embarked on an apprenticeship in the 2007/8 academic year – showing just how prevalent they are becoming.

They help people prepare for a long and successful career, while enabling businesses to develop the talent they need to thrive.

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