Please note that all courses are subject to a voluntary £15 college administration fee (apart from Community, ESOL and Higher Education students, plus Job Centre Plus referrals). Students who pay will receive £20 or printing at enrolment. 

Employer Sponsors

If your employer accepts responsibility for payment of your fees and wishes to pay upon receipt of an invoice from the College, we will require an official purchase order. Without a purchase order, the student will be liable for the payment of any outstanding fees at the point of enrolment. If an employer has less than 50 employees they may be eligible to pay by instalments.

Advanced Learner Loan

Advanced Learning Loans are available to individuals who are aged 19+ and who are studying qualifications at Level 3 to Level 6, may be eligible to apply to the Student Loans Company for an Advanced Learning Loan to cover the cost of their tuition fee and any registration or exam fees. Further information on Advanced Learning Loans is available at www.gov.uk/ advancedlearningloans.

Adult Students

Adult students eligible for fee remission is defined as those who are 19 or over at the start of the programme of study on a qualification(s) that is eligible to draw down funding from the Skills Funding Agency. The following extract from the SFA Adult education budget funding rules version 2 March 2016 details the level of government contribution that can be obtained depending upon the learners circumstances and the course studied. This includes details about the Advanced Learner Loan. The Level of government contribution we will fund is as follows.

Provision 19-23 year olds 24+ unemployed 24+ other
English and maths, up to and including level 2  

(Must be delivered as part of the legal entitlement)  

Fully Funded* Fully Funded* Fully Funded*
Level 2 (excluding English and maths)  

(First full level 2 must be delivered as part of the legal entitlement)  

Fully Funded*

(First and full)

Fully Funded Co-funded
Learning to progress to level 2   Fully Funded^

(Up to and including level 1)

Fully Funded


Level 3  

(First full level 3 must be delivered as part of the legal entitlement)  

Fully Funded*

(First and full)

Loan-funded Loan-funded
Loan-funded** (Previously achieved full level 3 or above)
Traineeship Fully funded

(including 16-24 year-olds##)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) learning up to and including level 2   Co-funded Fully funded Co-funded
Fully funded- unemployed
Learning aims up to and including level 2 Co-funded Fully funded Co-funded
where the learner has already achieved a first full level 2 or above   Fully funded- unemployed    
*Must be delivered as one of the English and maths, and/or first full level 2 or first full level 3 qualifications required as part of the legal entitlements.  

^Must be delivered as entry or level one provision from local flexibility.  

# Excludes flexible element where funding depends on age and level.  

## 16- to 18-year-old learners must be eligible under the ESFA’s young people’s residency requirements.  

** Availability of loans at level 3 does not replace the legal entitlement to full funding for learners aged 19 to 23 undertaking their first full level 3.  

Financial Support

Financial support is available for adults attending all Vocational and HE courses to help with the cost of coming to College e.g. childcare, books equipment, etc. Please contact Student Services for details.

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*with exception of Community, ESOL and Higher Education students, Apprentices and Job Centre Plus referrals