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Absence Reporting

Good attendance to your college course is imperative. Studies have shown that higher attendance can directly equate to higher levels of achievement.

The target for all learners is 100% attendance at all timetabled sessions. The importance of this target and of arriving punctually for each class will be discussed with learners during induction and reinforced through curriculum classes and tutorial.

Authorised Absence

The following are examples of absences, which could be considered for authorisation if the correct procedures are followed.

Foreseeable absences:

  • A specialist medical/dental appointment which cannot be arranged outside college hours (such as a hospital out-patient)
  • A religious holiday (a maximum of three days in a year)
  • To attend an open day or interview at university
  • An appointment with a Connexions Advisor (although these should normally be scheduled to avoid disruption to studies)
  • Attendance at a probation meeting
  • Attendance at a funeral of a family member or close friend
  • A practical driving test (but not a lesson) either a morning or afternoon
  • Genuine disruption to a student’s means of transport (such as a bus strike)

Unforeseeable absences:

  • Isolated sickness absence (the college has the right not to pay funds or allowances where there is any doubt that a sickness is genuine)
  • Emergency situations involving a family member or another person the student has caring responsibilities for
  • Bereavement

How to inform the College:

To inform the college of an absence you must contact the absence line before 10am. If you are under 18 a parent or guardian must do this for you. Please note that the attendance line closes at 10am and you will no longer be able to authorise an absence after this time.

The attendance line is:

For Pendleton: 0161 631 5001

For Eccles: 0161 631 5002

For FutureSkills: 0161 631 5003

For City Skills: 0161 631 5004

For Worsley: 0161 631 5005