Pendleton Scholars

Pendleton College Scholars

The Pendleton Scholars’ Programme provides wonderful opportunities for students to learn beyond the curriculum.

Activities which have been available to our Scholars, in the last few years, have included:

Cambridge University’s HE+ Programme
Tailored Programme for Oxbridge Applicants
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
Manchester Access Programme
Next Step York
Access to Leeds
Career Ready – Stem Academy
Links with University Schools of Medicine
Support for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science
Guidance on admissions tests, e.g. BMAT, UKCAT and LNAT
Social Mobility Fund

“I’ve always loved classics and it has been amazing to study in depth at Pendleton Sixth Form College. It was a privilege to receive an offer from the University of Cambridge.”

-Paula Gaskill, A-level student

The Scholars’ Programme at Pendleton Sixth Form College is designed to support those students with the potential of achieving high grades in their studies. The focus is on helping them prepare for their applications to highly competitive degree courses at Oxbridge, Russell Group Universities, as well as courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

Students are identified based on a proven track record of strong GCSE results, recommendations from school and referrals from teaching staff. Students participating in The Scholars’ Programme have high expectations placed upon them in terms of their attendance, contribution and achievement.

Teachers in the college are subject experts and the ethos here is about stretching and challenging each individual student, regardless of prior ability. You will experience and benefit from a wide variety of learning materials and assessment methods, as well as be encouraged to undertake a wider reading and independent study.

The Scholars’ Programme is aimed at nurturing students’ educational potential, whilst broadening their aspirations inspiring other students.