Our students have the unique opportunity to gain valuable volunteering experience whilst studying with us. The college has an extensive Enrichment programme which is available to all students.


Working in partnership with Salford Foundation and the National Citizen Service  (NCS), students are able to undertake extra-curricular volunteering experience based in their local community.

Voluntary activity is a keen interest to both potential employers and universities as it shows a willingness to go above and beyond the necessary guidelines to gain valuable experiences. In 2014/15, over 200 students from across our colleges participated in this scheme.

Student Ambassadors

We have a number of students who volunteer to aid us at college events to give applicants an insight into the life as a student at college. Students attend career events, evening recruitment events and Open Days. If you are interested in applying for the role please e-mail marketingdepartment@salfordcc.ac.uk.

You can view a list of current Student ambassadors by clicking here.

Volunteer Task Force

Students alongside the Executive Team at Pendleton Sixth Form College, on a daily basis, volunteer their time to ensure the surrounding areas in the community are well kept. This involves students giving their time to help litter pick during their break times.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Volunteer Task Force  please e-mail marketingdepartment@salfordcc.ac.uk.